Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 3 - Conquering Challenges

Ok so Day three is almost over. I woke up with a headache, which went away fairly quickly. I haven't felt the best today quite tired and a slight headache all day. I hoping tomorrow will be much easier. I do feel hunger pains but I don't think about them too much and they go away. I am not tempted by food which is fantastic. Its good to keep busy and your mind occupied. Today to keep busy I went to the movies. I never noticed until I am detoxing how much people Pig out at the Cinemas!

On the upside already I'm feeling like my skin is glowing and my clothes are more comfortable. For the negatives of the day, It's certainly worth it for the sheer satisfaction of being able to be so in control and not giving in. I shall go to bed tonight with satisfaction that I have conquered yet another day and will awaken tomorrow with determination to continue on.

Wow 3 days down 11 to go! Just remember that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try! And its the courage to continue that counts!

Until next time xo

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lets Detox the lemon way..... Day two... tick!

Weight: 61.6 (lost 1.4kilos)

I was rather happy to wake up at 3.15am this morning with no stomach pains or chest pains but within ten minutes I had the stomach pains again and then fell asleep. The chest pains didn't come back thank goodness. I woke up at 6am pain free! It has only been two days and I feel suprisingly good. My skin is starting to glow already, my tongue has a white film on it as they said it would during the detox process. I feel very peaceful, calm and clear headed. Last night I did the yoga breathing exercises from the lemon detox book they were so nice and relaxing. And I have been having spurts of energy during the day which is fantastic.

This morning I went for a bicycle ride for 2 hours and felt so full of energy. I then rested for a few hours. I cleaned the house for 2 hours and then this afternoon I went for a 7km walk. I have now planned to relax in a hot bubble bath by candle light and then watch a movie. I shall then finish my day off with a cup of senna tea.

I do find in the morning drinking the litre of sea salt a task as it's not the nicest drink. However, It works extremely well cleaning out your system and within an hour or two I have regular visits to the loo. I do recommend that everyone should try drink the whole litre for the best result.

I am very happy and suprised that it has been so easy for me this far. Everyone says the first two days are the hardest and coming from a person that over ate and thought about food all the time I haven't found it at all hard. Food is not at all tempting even when being cooked around me and the scrumptious smell is lingering in the air. I feel completely in control and that is a fantastic feeling. I haven't felt this in control for 3 years.

As for side effects, This afternoon for about an hour I did feel rather cold, the rather awful stomach pains yesterday and apart from being mildly light headed I haven't suffered from any terrible side effects.

2 days down 12 to go! Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 1 completed!

Height: 152cms
Weight: 63kilos

Ok so I woke up very excited about this detox. I probably should mention I have put on about 10kilos due to over eating and it has been effecting my athletic perfomance and my health and well being. A detox is just what I need! I love to cook & cook goodies for family members all the time and suprisingly have found the first day to be quite easy I do hope it continues that way.

I awoke at about 6.30am and made my 1L of water with 2 teaspoons of sea salt and started drinking it. I then made up my 2L batch of lemons, cayenne pepper and Madal Bal natural tree syrup. The seasalt was quite gross but bearable. 45minutes later I made quite a few trips to the toilet. It was already flushing out my system.... Great!

I had a cup of the lemon drink and thought it was horrible but as the day wore on I became more fond of it. Here is how my day went.

Exercised for 1hour in the morning and drank 500mls of water

10.45am : Felt hungry had 1 glass of lemon drink
11.40am: 2 glasses of lemon drink + 350ml water
2.00pm : 1 glass of lemon drink + 350ml of water

I then went food shopping I had no cravings at all. Felt a little dizzy and light headed nothing major. Great so far.

3.45. Hunger pains but bareable. Slight headache and feeling a little tired.

4.30: 1 glass of lemon drink and 300ml of water

* Exercised went for a walk for 5kms.

6.30pm: 2 glasses of lemon drink and 500ml of water which I drank over the next 1.5hours.

7pm: Senna Tea

From 6-8pm I had bad stomach pains in which I had a hot bath and used a heat bag which helped heaps however, I still have chest pains on my left side which is freaking me out a little. Hopefully just side effects of my body detoxing.

I can't believe I had not eaten anything for over 24 hours! And I did it! 1 day down 13 to go! Bring it on.

Until tomorrow x

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 1: Cleansing my body the lemon way

Today is the first day of my 14 day lemon detox. I made the 48km trip to the only chemist I could find last night that stocked the lemon detox. Yesterday I spent hours researching it to find out if it was for me or not. I do not believe in fad diets and have never been one to be able to follow them. But as this is not a diet but a detox to cleanse your system and a bonus that weightloss is the side effect..... I thought fantastic!

I have always been a fit healthy athlete but I was involved in a very bad accident and since have been battling with an eating problem. Which I have since a few months ago got under control, however I would like to detox my body and stop this vicious cycle once and for all. I have always been a motivated happy person that loves life. But this took over my life I wasn't the happy motivated athlete who enjoyed life I was always unhappy never wanted to go anywhere and became a recluse.

A detox is just what I need to cleanse my body & Soul! I am also starting yoga this week. Sometimes life throws challenges at you and I truly believe now, this is only to make you a stronger person if you fight back and not give up.

So today I begin my 14 day detox and hopefully a 14 day step in the right direction.
I will update every day of my 14 day detox with my feelings and my progress.

Wish me luck!